Forsaken World Class Selecting Guide

There are 8 different choices when it comes to Forsaken World classes and this little guide will help you to make an informed decision when you are selecting your new class.

Like in most of the traditional MMORPG’s, you can separate the classes in three main roles, namely Tank, Support or Healer, and DPS or DD. Veteran mmoers now what this mean, but if you have trouble to make sense out of it, don’t worry, keep reading it will be all clear soon.

These are only general categorizations for classes. With the tree talent tree for each class, they can be built into a character that could cross over to other roles, but for now let’s focus on the things in which they are generally good at.

Tank Class

Tanks are the tough guys of the game world; they can take a lot of damage and are needed in dungeons and boss fights to take care of the bosses, by standing in front of them, keeping them busy (holding aggro), so the not so tough others can do their job, knowing the boss will not attack them that much, while the tank is there.

The Protector  

The Protector in Forsaken World is a classic Tank. He even looks the part with his huge size and stoney looks. He’s needed in most instances and boss fights, so if you like running instances, standing toe to toe with giant bosses while wielding a huge hammer, protecting your teammates, then the Protector could be a good choice for you. Only a Stonemen can be a Protector and as the name suggests, can only be males, so no female option for this class. The Protector can take a lot of damage and with the right built it can deal some too.


Support or Healer Class

Support classes and healers are never in the front lines of battle; they rather step back a little and help their team mates differently than the tank. It doesn’t make them less important, they are just as crucial for success.

The Priest

The Priest is the main Healer in Forsaken World. The Priest is responsible for keeping the party members alive when running instances or boss fights. Available races are Human and Elf and there are both male and female priests, so the choice is greater than in case of the Protector. If you like to feel always needed for instances and responsible for the wellbeing of your team mates, than the priest is might be for you. Has great survivability.





The Bard  

It is the other main support class in Forsaken World. Not as good in healing as the Priest, but still viable. The main role of the Bard is to give party buffs that will enhance all the party members’ abilities.  Very useful in a party and will be greatly beneficial for the party’s overall performance.  Available race is Elf only. Both males and females can be Bards. Can be a good damage dealer with the right built. The Bard has great survivability too just like the Priest.





DPS and DD Class

DPS stands for damage per second and DD is for damage dealer, so these are the classes which main role is to kick ass. They can usually deal more damage than the Tank or the Support/Healer classes, but they don’t have much defense or support and heal skills.

The Warrior

I start with the Warrior as a DD class although I could have actually included it as a tank in the first place. Their main role is single target damage but with the right talent tree (Aegis) they can be a pretty good tank. Or they can be good support with the right setup, for example with Elemental build they be a pretty good support character while dealing out good damage. Like I mentioned in the beginning, these are general roles for the classes, they can be tweaked with the selection of talent trees. Warrior can be Humans and Elves. Anyway if you like big swords and rushing into battle, the warrior is perfect for you.



The Assassin 

The other single target damage specialist next to the Warrior. One of the highest DPS out of all the classes. The Assassin does not have as much HP as the Warrior (highest HP of all the classes) so it relies on evasion instead, which means it tries to avoid getting hit in the first place. Has some other trick like being invisible for a while in his arsenal to create a sneaky style of class. Works with dual daggers. Available as Human and Kindred for both male and female versions. The sneaky style can be useful in PvP so if that is you thing might want to give the Assassin a try.




The Vampire

Good for multi target damage whit its AoE skills and can be played as a support role thanks to its heal abilities. The Vampire is a versatile class that can be useful for solo and team play also. With a certain build like Inferno, it also has good CC (crowd control) capabilities. Carrying a huge cross on its back makes the vampire one of the coolest looking characters. Available only as a Kindred but for both male and female versions.





The Mage 

The mage is not only a great damage dealer but it has probably the best CC abilities and AoE skills. Very useful in places like the God’s Trial, where you need to clear out multiple enemies before the time is up. With great damage of course comes low defense. The mage has low survivability so it needs to put out damage as fast as it can to finish his opponents before they do the same to him. Kindred and Humans are the two races that can pick a Mage class. Male and female available. Has a great staff as weapon.




The Marksman 

The Marksman is the last in the list. Not because it is the smallest (although it is) but because it just happened that I listed it in the last place. It does not make the Marksmen bad at all. Actually maybe I should listed him as a support class because it has great support capabilities on all 3 talent trees, but it also has great AoE skills so it can range DPS about just as good as a mage, so I decided to put it in this role. The Marksmen is available in both male and female versions but only dwarf can be the race. So omly small Marksmen no giants shooting cannons or anything. The Marksman has an actual gun as his weapon, so if you like blasting multiple enemies from a distance than this could be your style.



That’s about covers the basics of the classes and gives you a direction to which way to move. But remember as I told you, with talent selections you can specify different roles to basically all classes so once you get used to them the decision is up to you, how you really want to play your class.

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