Forsaken World Pets – Where to Get Them

There are different ways to get Forsaken World pets and you should be familiar with all of them. Let’s see these different methods.


I won’t get into details about your first pet, the basic pet guide should give you explanation for this. Read that guide if you are not familiar with the pet basics.

Getting a Pet from Creekbank Valley

This is also covered in the Creekbank Valley guide so make sure to take a look if you need info on it. However I still mentioned it again because this is basically you No1 source of pet eggs. Most of your pets will come from this instance and if you can do it, make sure that you visit it as much as you can.

Of course we all know that the CV instance is limited, so what are the other option to get your hands on some nice looking pets.

Basic Catchable Pets

There are other pets on the maps that can be caught with basic soul catching. Whenever you are in the mood for chasing some pets, you got plenty of option even if CV is not available for you for the rest of the day or you simply can’t find a good party to go there. If you trying to level your Tamer job for example, you can always use some extra pet stone to hatch, so check out this extra options.

Level 30 Pets:

  • Whirlwind Puppet
  • Scarab
  • Khonem

Level 50 Pets:

  • Friend of Forest
  • Bear
  • Spider

Level 70 Pets:

  • Jungle Jaguar
  • Tinkerer
  • Zeke Warrior

Advanced Catchable Pets

I already mentioned the Tamer job and as you can see, there are other pets on the maps that I just have showed you. These pets can be caught with advanced soul catching, which you can get by picking up the Tamer job. The pets require different levels of Tamer to use.

Level 30 Pets:

  • Chained Demon (Tamer lvl 1)
  • Nightmare (Tamer lvl 1)

For the Nightmare location and instructions visit Nightmare Soul Catching guide.

Level 50 Pets:

  • Demono Bat (Tamer lvl 2)
  • Little Witch (Tamer lvl 2)
  • Griffin (Tamer lvl 1)

The first to pet locations you can see on these maps but for the third check out the Griffin Catching guide.

Level 70 Pets:

  • Aldala (Tamer lvl 4)
  • Selarion (Tamer lvl 2)


Pets from Bosses

There are also a chance that certain bosses will drop pet stones. If you are a frequent instance goer, than you might want to look out for this special pets:

  • Aphopis (3rd boss in Emperor’s Canyon)
  • Storm Dragonling (Rare boss in Arena of Soul)
  • Naga Princess (Bonus boss in Welkin Castle)
  • Conqueror Skeleton (Dino boss in Cata1)
  • Tomb Protector (Boss drop from Cata2)

Cash Shop Pets

Yes finally we have the option to get pets from the CS. I know it not the best option for everyone but some of the best looking and rarest pets are CS pets so you have to keep this option open. In case you never have enough money to buy them, you might want to take a look at our Gold System guide.

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