Forsaken World Servers – How to Pick Yours

Selecting a home server in a game is a crucial decision and it is especially true when we talk about Forsaken World servers.

Most of the time I see the question: “Which is the most populated server?” While it is of course always better to play on a server with higher population, in the case of Forsaken World servers we have other important things to consider when we make our selection.

Server Type

There are two different types of servers to be found, namely PvE and PvP. I’m sure most of you know the different but for those of you who might be new to the MMORPG genre, let me give a quick explanation.

PvE stands for Player vs Environment, which means that players on this type of servers are mostly focusing on playing against mobs (monsters controlled by the game) rather than playing against other players. Not saying that you can’t compete against other players at all, but it is in a more controlled fashion than on PvP servers.

PvP stands for Player vs Player, which means that while the available content in the game is the same, you can do the same quests, fight the same mobs and bosses, after level 30 your character will be a free target to other players also, as long as you are outside the safe zones (cities, quest hub places, teleport stones, etc.). It is definitely more challenging and can be more exciting than a PvE server, but at the same time can be very frustrating and a general pain in the ass if you are not lucky. So if you think that it would make you upset, that other high level players can kill you easily for apparently no reason at all, than you might want to pick a PvE server. If you can take a little harassing and want a little different experience, than chose the PvP server. Here is an article that can help you with harassment: Surviving RPK

Server Location and Time

The second most important factor is the location of your selected server. There are three different locations for Forsaken World servers. US East coast, US West coast and Western Europe. You are obviously want to select the location closet to you.

Server time is another factor, because certain important events in game are tide to certain times. This means that if you pick a server with a 6 hour differential in time zones, then events like the God’s Trial, that are held twice a day (12:00 – 13:30, 19:30 – 22:30) will be in impossible times for you.

These event are important for you character development so pick your server wisely. Check the time different of the three time zone and your local time. You should go for a location where the server time peak hours (18:00 – 22:00) are not too early or not too late for you. This way you can enjoy basically all timed events. Times for the different servers:

US East Coast: UTC -4

US West Coast: UTC -7

Central Europe: UTC+2

Here is a map to help you out:

This should make it easy to figure out how much time different is between you and the selected server. If you still cannot figure it out, than you might want to spend a little more time studying geography and a little les playing games 😉

Also, if you have already selected a server and in game, you can check the server time by hovering your mouse at the right bottom corner next to the little compass icon.

Server Population

Yes, and finally let’s talk about server population . If you determined the to other factors and you want to make sure that there are plenty of people will be on your server, than you actually can chose one of the more popular server. Keep in mind though that time and distance from a server could be more important factors. No reason to pick a server with the most people if you can’t play with them because you are asleep when they are awake.

Currently there are seven server in Forsaken World. Out of the seven the most populated usually are (not in particular order):

Illyfue (Europe, PvE, UTC+2)

Eyrda (US East, PvP, UTC-4)

Storm (US East, PvE, UTC-4)

There is also another PvP server in Europe but not on the US West Coast, so if you want PvP, you need to go to US East or Western/ Central Europe time zones.

There are two other special servers in Europe. One French and one German language. They are both PvE and PvP servers.

There you have it, make your server selection in Forsaken World wise.


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