Forsaken World Bot – Combat Assist

Looking for a Forsaken World Bot? Don’t look further, you found it and it won’t even get you into any trouble. Why? Because this bot is official and it is available in game.

The Combat Assist Bot

To help you out with your mob massacring quests, PWE introduced the auto attack bot option for characters above lvl 60. Why would you want to use a bot to kill mobs? Because it is available and because like the AFK leveling can help you counter the steep level curve at higher levels, you can also take advantage of a comfortable quest completion when you are going for the Soul Power and trying to complete your Dragon order daily for example. It gives you time to get away from the monitor for a little while and see that there is actually sunshine outside of your room, or in case you clearly that that outgoing type, then it might gives you free time to jump on your alt (on separate account) and do some additional damage. Use the combat assist bot as you want or as much as you need, it is pretty much up to you but it’s never a bad idea to take advantage of this kind of help option.

How to use the Combat Assist

As I said first you need to be 60 or above. If you are, than press CRTL+X on your keyboard to open the Combat Assist menu. There are for tabs to set your option:


Skill Settings

This is where you will put your skills that you wish to use as auto attack. The 10 empty slots on the left are exactly for this. You can set a timer for each skill manually, but it will automatically be filled, when you drop the skill, according to the specific skill’s cooldown time.

Monster kill Settings

This is where you set your attack options like chasing the monster close to you with Free Run, setting a range (recommended) how far you want to venture into the wild, or specify exact mobs you want your character to deal with. It’s a good way to get exactly the mobs which you need for the quest and don’t waste time killing others.


Pick up Settings

This is where you set what kind of loot you want to pick up. You can exclude junks like white gear and stuff so your bag won’t fill up quickly with unnecessary things. You can match the pick up radius to your attack radius or maybe a slightly larger if you use knockback or the soul force pushes the mobs much further.

Quest Setting

Options to select your quest type or automatically use orders and/or berries. It will automatically handle and activate your bounty, extermination, etc. orders.

Other Settings

Set your XP skill and you durability. Praying is available to but if you in a fight that probably will not happen. Revive (in case you die) and PK protection are also options.


Protection Settings

Speaking of protection, you want to make sure that you have enough if you let your character to handle thing on its own without you babysitting . This is where you can and pretty much have to set your consumables during the auto killing frenzy. You can set your potions and food consumption at a certain percentage of your health or mana. Usually potions are need to be set at higher level (I know I didn’t do it on the picture) because they can be used during battle and have smaller benefits than foods. So foods should be needed only when you are really running low.

Self-blessing. Put in the slots whatever you have.

Don’t forget to feed your pet too and set it to auto revive.


Party Settings

This is your social option. decide if you want to except party invites or not and set party protection options too if you have appropriate buff and such.


That is about what you need to know of the combat assist in Forsaken World. Now go out and see what your character can do on its own.

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