Forsaken World Fishing Guide

In Forsaken World fishing is one of the jobs that you can learn using your job points. Besides having at least one spendable point for it, you also need to be at level 20 or over to acquire this job.


How to get Fishing

It’s very simple all you have to do is go to Nieven the Fishing Tutor outside Freedom Harbor. His location is shown on the map below, but you can actually autorun to him by simply pressing “M” on your keyboard and selecting the Skill Tutor option from the NPC list on the right. Doubble clicking on Nieven will take you to him.


Once you at Nieven, talk to him and select the “Learn Fishermen Skills” from the window. This will give you two new skills while spending one of your available job points. The skill will pop up and you can place them on your hotbar.

If you did not placed them right away you can find your new skills by going to your skills window (press “K”) and in the Jobs tab you will find the level 1 Fishing skill, so you can place it on your hotbar. For catching the fish you need to use the second, autofish skill so you might aswell place that skill which can be found in the same skills window under the Basic tab. This will allow you to fish automatically, so you can even do it while AFKing.

How to Fish in Forsaken World

Well, first you need to find water, obviously. When you get the skill, there is water right beside Nieven, so why not try it out right away.

Notice that when you get close to a body of water, you will see a little icon appears at the top right on your screen. This will tell you that you are in a fishing area and you can go ahead and use your skill.

Simply click on the “Start Fishing” skill and you will actually start fishing ;). Every fishing attempt will use up one of your Energy points while giving you something in return. Yeah, it’s mostly fish as you have guessed, but not every fishing attempt will be successful. You can get thing like Rotten Fish or Tangled Fishing Line, which are not really useful, so make sure that you check what did you caught with your new skill. After every attempt at fishing, the catch window will tell you what did you catch, or you can simply view your rewards in your inventory.

What to do with the Fish

If you are thinking what to use the fish you’ve just caught for, you don’t need to go any further to find out. Once again talk to Nieven and this time choose the Fish Related option from the window.

This will bring you to the fish recipies window. Yes, if you got Fishing you can actually make “things” out of your fishes without getting any other skills, all you need is a recipe from Nieven. So go ahead and by the first available recipe which is for White Fish. (If you’ve notice that is what you’ve caught, beside Rotten Fish and the Tangled thingy, at that location)

Once you got the recipe, right click to learn it. Now go to your Jobs windoe (O) and under Process you will find the ability to process White Fish. This will turn your White Fish into Fish Meat which is a cooking material.

As you can see Nieven offers other recipes, which requires higher level of fishing.

Leveling your Fishing Skill.

You level your skill by simply using it. Every catch will give you one point. Your fishing will turn into level 2 after 50 points. The points needed will rise with every level. Your first skill is good up to level 3, after that you will get a new one from Nieven.

At higher level you will be able to get different fish as well as fish at different locations. Check out the database for fishing maps.

Dotora, who stands next to Nieven gives Special Bait recipes for Crystal Shells. You need to be at least level 4 fishermen to get them and you can fish Crystal Shells on Rainbow Island. The drop is by luck and chance increase by level. Special Bait can be turned into achievement or used to catch items with better rewards.

Guild base Fishing

If you are a member of a guild which has a fishing pond, you can use fishing at yout guild base. By Lure or Fine Baits from the Fishing Assistant NPC next to the pond to have a chance to receive rewarding items.

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