Forsaken World Gems

The Gems in Forsaken World are crucial items for your character and gear development. They have two purposes in game. One is to boost your stats when embedded in gears and the other is to give you awesome looks.

Gems for Better Stats

By socketing Gems in your gear you can increase your stats and make your character much more effective both in PvE and PvP. There are 9 different Gems in game that ca be put in 3 categories:

Offensive Gems

Ragefire increases your base attack, meaning you will deal more damage.

Egle-eye increases your Accuracy. It means that you will miss less whet attacking.

Shattershard increases your crit damage. You will deal more damage when your attack crits.

Goldspark increases your chance to deal a critical hit.

Defensive Gems

Mistshroud decreases the opponent chance to hit you. It increases there chance to miss.

Solarflare increases your defense. You will take less damage from attacks.

Twilight increases your chance to dodge critical hits coming from opponents

Utility Gems

Bloodstone gives you mot HP. It can be defensive because HP counts a lot.

Azurcloude increases your Mana. You can use more skill without pots.

Different Levels and Combining

Gems have different levels, 5 to be exact (although only lvl for is the highest currently). You can make higher level Gems by combining more of the same level Gems to create a higher one. You can do this at Gabriel in Freedom Harbor for example. Be aware that only combining 5 same level gem will give you 100% result. if you combine less, let’s say 4 for example, your chance of success will be only 75%, so roughly 1 out of 4 attempt will fail. If you fail you will lose the Gems and the gold used for combining.

Besides Gems and gold you need Fusion Agent for combining. You can get it from the Boutique or AH (Auction House).

The higher the level of the Gem the greater the stat boost will be. Of course the Gems cost and the needed gold and fusion agent lvl for combining will be also greater.

Getting Gems

Besides from some reward from the lvl boxes at early levels, and the occasional praying, most easily you can get Gems from the Glistering Lowland instance. Other option are buying either from the Boutique or from the AH.

Socketing Gems

You can embed Gems into gears that have sockets in it. To get sockets you will need to refine your gear. You will gain one empty socket per every 3 level of refine.

Embedded gems can be removed from your gear with the appropriate level Extract Scroll. You can get it from the Boutique or AH (Auction House), or you can buy it for Merit from Lawrence the guild dude in FH next to the fountain.

Wings for Looking Cool

The other benefits of Gems are wings on your character as well as a special effect on your weapon. Every level Gem has a certain Chroma value. Level one has 1 Chroma, level two has 2, level three 6 and level four has 10.

Wings have also levels, 3 exactly. For a level one wing you need 100 Chroma. You can see your current Chroma in the character window. At the upper right there is a little wing icon it will show it. Only Gem embedded in gear (armor, clothes) counts toward your wing Chroma. Weapon counts differently and has a saturation level of 12 Chroma. Once you reach that (by embedding two lvl 3 Gems in it for example) your weapon will get a special effect.

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