Forsaken World Vampire Guide

Forsaken World has a special class that is not like any of your regular MMO classes. It is the Vampire.

To choose the Vampire as your class you need to be a Kindred, because that is the only race for which the Vampire is available. You can select both male and female for your character. It is basically true for any other class except the Stonmen.

Why choose the Vampire?

First of all, Vampires carry an awesome looking, huge cross on their back, which is their weapon, so that could be reason number one. Of course there is much more to it but looking cool is always a major point in character creation for many.

The Vampire is a very versatile class, kind of a jack of all trades, being able to do many things like dealing high damage and also healing, so it can be a fun experience to play. It also means that being good in more aspects, you will be as I sad a jack of all trades but master of none. So you will not have such a well outlined role like the Priest or the Stonmen per say, but nevertheless playing a vampire will give you a kind of versatility.

The three Kinds of Vampires

Vampires excel in three different areas, like DD (dealing damage), DoT (damage over time) and support (healing and such). There are three different skill trees for a Vampire to master (just like for any other class).

Blood Vampire

This is usually called as the healing tree and as it suggests, spending your point in this tree will enhance your support abilities. While the main healer will always be the Priest with the bard being a close second, in some cases this build will allow you to get up to their level of support, so for a party oriented player, who likes to help out his teammates, it is probably the most suitable tree.

While this suggests that it is mostly a PvE build, the amount of survivability that comes with your healing abilities when choosing this tree, makes the Blood Vampire a viable opponent in PvP battles also. Additional benefit is that this build uses the least amount of mana out of the three.

What you will not have is high damage. You can compensate for this, but that means gearing up for making the most out of your build. But I think gear has a large role in any classes’ builds, so maybe it is not really a disadvantage, however gearing up for damage on other Vampire build will definitely give you greater damage output than the Blood build.

Dark Vampire

This is a DD aka damage dealing tree with good CC abilities.  This build will allow you for a great burst damage output and very suitable for PvP.

You will not give up healing entirely with this build, but obviously you will not compare in healing capabilities to Priests or Bards, so your party support healing options will be limited. Don’t forget that you will still be, most likely required to heal if no other healers in the party.

PvP is the place to make the most out of this build because of the high damage. It is still usable in PvE but note that you will lack versatile healing support for dungeons and stuff. You can still support with buff and debuff and some CC.  This is the only tree that has stuns in it so it can control opponents, but your main feature of a Dark Vampire is high burst damage and. Survivability is also lower than Blood but makes up for it with control skills.

Gear should be used to make up for survivability, because a dark vampire can be really squishy, meaning that opponents can take you down much faster.

Inferno vampire

Inferno is the best DPS out of all the three. They are damage dealers with DoT (damage over time) capabilities, and pretty much that is their main role. However, dealing this amount of damage comes with a price.

Healing wise they are about the same as Dark Vampires, so support might be an option when there is not a better option in the party. They have more stuns than a Dark but have purer CC abilities. Their survivability is great however despite the lack of defense, but not as popular at PvP as the Dark.

Mainly used at PvE for low level because useful skills (stuns) will only be at fullest at level 75+, so PvPing with it makes it harder at lower levels. After lvl 65+ or so it will start to become a really good PvP character. While not having as much CC as a Dark and as much HP and heals as a Blood, Inferno Vampires have the best DoT skills out of the three.

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