Trade Run Guide

The Trade Run in Forsaken World is an excellent way to make Soul Coin for your character and/or funds for your guild.

To be able to make Trade Runs, first you need to become a Merchant. After lvl 30 you will get a quest to become a Merchant and you need to go to Billy Ray. Talk to him and he will send you to Christopher, the Trade Union Chairmen next to him. He’s the same guy who gives the Midas’ Touch quest.

Select “Start Solo Trade Run” at Christopher and read the instructions. After this you will need to get some capital for the run so talk to Christopher again and this time select “Solo Trade Run (first run)”.

This will give you 2000 Mercury Coin (currency used for trade runs). You can always check this by opening your bag and clicking on the Trade tab.

Your Objective in Trade Run

The quest will say that your goal is to reach the target amount of Mercury Coin on each run. Actually your goal should be to reach the maximum possible amount of Mercury Coin, to maximize profits. This maximum amount is shown as the Carry Limit, when you hover over the In Bag/Target amount with your mouse. For the first trade run, it’s 2000 starter coins in your bag, 10000 target and 12000 carry limit. I’ll explain how to shoot for the carry limit later.

Your First Trade Run

When you do Trade Run for the very first time you will be given a choice of two possible, example trade routes by Isha (the lady next to the trade guys). You can take the Wheat Bread or the Linen Paper trade route. For this guide we will take the Wheat Bread. Choose the Wheat Dread route than select the Mercury Market option at Isha. This will take you to the commodities window and the first thing there will be Wheat Bread.

Right click on it and it will be placed in the purchase window, for the available mercury Coin amount in your bag. Click buy and you have bought Wheat Bread.

Making Profit

Isha will send you to Sola Kim down south. He says he takes the Wheat Bread and advises you to get some Octopus Drink (mmmnn yummy ;)) and take it to Apcha. So let’s do that.

Open the commodities window, just like you did at Isha, (click mercury option at Sola Kim) and you will see this:

Now, since you don’t have enough Mercury Coin to buy that great Octopus Drink, first you need to sell the Wheat Bread. You do this by simply right clicking the items in your bag and it will place it into the trade window. In the bottom you will see the sales price for your items and the profit you will make. Click sell to finish the transaction.

Once you’ve sold the Wheat Bread, you will have coins to buy Octopus Drink. Since you made some nice profit on the Wheat Bread you have more coins now to buy. It will result in more items to buy (more Octopus Drinks in this case) which will then gain you more profits when you sell those at the next place. I think you see the concept; it is very simple after all. Buy – sell for profits – buy – sell for profits –and so on…

Now follow the path suggested buy the NPCs (yeah you have to actually read what they say), and buy and sell the things they say. When you are getting back to Isha, she will tell you to talk to Christopher once again to turn in your profit. But don’t just do it yet.

Reaching Carry Limit

You need to reach carry limit in order to gain maximum profit. For this we use what I call the toggle method. Instead of selling both batches of Wheat Straw you sell only one first. As you see, if you’d sell both you would go over your target limit. This means that you cannot buy any longer only sell and after that you need to turn in the profit to Christopher. But your carry limit is 12000 for the first run and the more profit you make the more soul coins you will get from Christopher so always go for the carry limit. So in this example, sell one batch of Wheat Straw and buy one batch of Wheat Bread. Then do this again one more time and you should be able to buy all the Wheat Bread (120) from Isha. Now make another run to Sola Kim and sell your items and this should take you to the carry limit. Only after this you should go back to Christopher and turn your profits in.

Getting Paid

Once you go back to Christopher, select Business Estimation and choose Settle at the bottom. He will take the Mercury Coin profits you made and reward you with soul coins (1 soul gold).

After this you can make another trade run. The second run will take longer. You start with 1500 in bag, have a 20000 target and a 26000 carry limit. It takes longer but the rewards are better also.

You can do trade runs daily and you will get mercury reputation for it. Later at lvl 40 you will gain Merchant job. The higher your merchant is the more trade runs you will be able to make every day. Later you will get special skill like Bargain, which will allow you to get better prices on trade runs.

Other Trade Routes

The basic route taught by Isha is only one of many choices. There are trade points at every guild base on every map. You can even travel to other maps using trade caravan, marked by a rainbow like icon on the map. In fact those are the only teleports you can use while in trade run mode. Other regular teleports are off limit during this time.

You can see the local best seller items at every guild trackstone by going up to the stone and clicking on the guild selection option. This will bring up the guild selection window and at the bottom you will see the local best seller item. These are the items that you want to bring to the local mercury trade dude or dudette , next to the trackstone.


Guild Trade Run

Guild members can do trade runs when the guild has a trading post. This will earn soul gold for the character and gold coin for the guild. The guild trade post offers special item for trading so you can make a much faster trade run the usual. If you do regular trade run first, you won’t be able to do guild trade run that day.

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