10 Secret Locations of Unlocked Chests

Forsaken World has some secrets. One of it is the mysterious unlocked chests scattered around Freedom harbor. What are these chests? They are little reward for those who are willing to find them and open them.

Actually they not super secrets, someone can find them buy simply roaming the city, checking locations outside of the main routes, but when you do mainly location specific quests in there (like Henry and such) it’s easy to miss them. That’s why Forsaken World HQ is here to help you 😉

Here you will find 9 locations to help you out with your chest hunting journey. If you don’t find a chest at one of the locations than simply switch realm or move on to another. Chests have a longer respawn time so if someone picked it up before you it will take a while to reappear. When you hop realms, you should be able to find at least one at every location.

Let’s start in the Ninth District. Coming from the City Square, go past Lieutenant Colonel Spharan and make a left where you see Pianist Fernny. Go to the end and under the last bench you will found your 1st chest.

After this let’s go to Alameda Park because you have three chests here, close to each other. The 2nd chest is right after you enter the park, next to the lovely Elf girls, just behind the little fence.

After this go behind the big tree in the back to find your 3rd chest.

There’s one more chest here. To get it you need to climb the tower in the center. Use the stairs for convenient, don’t try to climb the wall. At the top of the stairs, turn around and make your way to the east side. The 4th is there.

Next stop is Libra Bazaar. You know where the Auction House is in there? Of course you do. Mow go inside and on the West wall you will see a yellow curtain covered door. You can walk though it at will and up in a little alley behing the building. There is your 5th chest.

Still in the Bazaar, go up where the entrance from City Square is, at the left you will see a wooden ramp. Go onto it and at the end is your 6th chest.

The 7th one is a little trickier. If you are facing Khoaway Corridor from City Square got to the left and walk along the ledge next to the columns until you reach the last one. At there make a left turn and go inside. You will see the chest there.


The 8th is an easy one. It’s in Lionheart Fortress next to powell, behind the wooden boxes.

Next stop is the Magic Fountain. Go beyond Christer and Tasia under the blue part of the fountain and there will be your 9th chest.

Now a little swimming for the last one. Go to Freedom Quay and jump into the well on the left. Actually if you have Fishermen, you can see inside to know it’s worth to jump or not. The 10th chest will be on the floor. No not the one on the wall, that is for a quest. If you find one on the floor, that is your Unlocked Chest.

There you have it, 10 location to get Unlocked Chests. Go and look around the city to see if you find more hidden locations.

What’s in the Chest?

It’s no secret, they have Scroll of Enigma in them. You can use them to get XP or better yet, especially if you are low level, try to sell them to make some Gold. It could be a good starter to make some gold and if you are serious about making lots of it, then you should check out the Gold Sytem.

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