Alchemy Tutorial

To do Alchemy in Forsaken World, first you need to get Alchemy as a job. For this you need to be at level 10 and have an available job point.

Got to Luia in Freedom Harbor and learn the job Alchemy.

This will teach you level 1 Alchemy so you can make potion and stuff. Now talk to Luia again and this time, select the Alchemy Tutorial. This will give you the option of Mix Practice and you will see the bottles on the table next to Luia will start to sparkle.

Now click on Begin Practice. This will start the Alchemy tutorial quest. As you see there are to “sparkling” areas in front of you on the table. They are ingredients for the practice. The one on the left in Dilutant and the one on the right is Demon Dust.

Now pay attention to the chat window in the lower left. You will see Luia ask you for one of the ingredients.

Pick that up and put it in the big alchemy pot next to the table, which has a question mark above it once you pick up something.

After this watch the chat again for another ingredient and do the same. Repeat this one more time and that should finish the first practice. When you are done, talk to Luia again for another practice. You will need to do two to get your reward. Repeat the whole process and that should conclude your Alchemy Tutorial. When you finished for the second time, Luia will be ready to give you your award, so talk to her again. You will get some Mana and Dreamland potion. Potions are good 😉

Practicing Alchemy

If you check your bag, there should be a couple of recipes in there that you get with the Alchemy job. To learn a recipe, simply right click on it.

When you did that check your Alchemy window by pressing “O” and selecting Alchemy from your job (you can do this by clicking the alchemy skill which you received when you had learnt alchemy).

Every recipe that you learn will show up here. Clicking on a recipe will reveal the ingredients needed for it. You will always need Glazed Flask to practice alchemy. You can buy them from Luia right away.

As you practice alchemy, you will gain one point for each “mixing” and your Alchemy will level as time goes. You will always need the appropriate Glazed Flask for your level as well as available Vigor point to use it.

Getting More Alchemy Recipes

Luia has plenty more recipes for sale so if you check it you will see the selection. The once that are red is not available for your level or you have already learned them. Buy the ones that are available and learn them.

After lvl 5 Alchemy you will actually need a guild to advance. It is true to the other recipe based jobs also so you might want to look for one as soon as you can. Guild are very beneficial in this game so it’s not the only reason to do it.

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