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In our Forsaken World database you will find important information such as Elite Mobs and World Bosses locations, places to collect resources, list of recipes and many more.  You can easily navigate through the data by using the search option at the top right corner of the table and by navigating with the arrows at the top and at the bottom right corner.

Information will be uploaded regularly as we move forward in the game. If you find errors or would like to add your own findings to the database, please contact us by email. Your help is greatly appreciated.

Forsaken World Maps (resources, elites, bosses, etc.)

Kalaries PlainSea of OblivionLunagrant WoodlandGloomy ForestHazed WildernessSleeping Jungle
ElitesElitesElitesWorld BossesWorld BossesElites
World BossesWorld BossesWorld BossesBlood VineDreamland PetalsWorld Bosses
LavenderHyacinthAgrimonyNocturnal JadeFrostblade GrassBlue Agave
Wilde RoseDesert RoseGolden LilySpecter LotusHighland MossCatacomb Vine
Violet KelpViolet KelpRosemaryViolet CloverNocturnal JadeCocoa
Peace LillyDate PalmViolet RoseRed Quicksilver OreSilver LotusDew Grass
CactopusWindsong MumTin OreViolet CloverDream Kelp
Golden VineCopper OreRich Tin OreFlare Lotus
Copper OreRed Quicksilver OreTin Ore Green Berry
Sleeping LotusTin OreIllyfue Blessing
Jungle Moss
Snake's Core
Twin Top