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Knowledge Quiz

1. Frog: Question”What does the main character become?” Answer “A frog

2. Wrist Blade: Question”Who kills the hero?” Answer “A bandit

3. Mob: Question”Who are the three mobs?” Answer “Growth, Time, Death

4. Deception: Question”What did the hero do before” Answer “Thief

5. Foul Books: Question”What type of magic does the book have” Answer “You may use magic at will, for a price

6. A Day: Question”In Anecdote 6: A Day, although the dramatic character is a Werewolf, what does he do?” Answer “A Farmer

7. Mirror: Question”…” Answer “It reveals who is the most beautiful woman in the world.

8. Path of Glory: Question”What is the main characters occupation” Answer “A Knight

9. Deal: Question”What does the main character desire?” Answer “Wealth and power

10. Dream: Question”In Anecdote 10: Dream, what dose this story illustrate for?” Answer “Daydreams don’t usually come true

1. Revenge: Question”…” Answer “To avenge his sister

2. Into the Darkness: Question”What Creature is the treasure hunter after?” Answer “A Shadow Dragon

3. Portal: Question”…” Answer “He got involved in a doomsday cult

4. Ghoul: Question”…” Answer “Human Mage

5. In the Darkness: Question”What kind of song is described? ” Answer “A song for the lost and damned

6. Wordplay: Question”what was the lawyer like?” Answer “He is a braggart

7. Good and Evil: Question”What Witchcraft did the leading character get?” Answer “View Evil

8. Ocean: Question”What did the main character see on the beach?” Answer “A Pirate Ship

9. Birth: Question”What is the little boys title after he grew up” Answer “Duke of Debate

10. Ferryman: Question”Which of the three boatmen , did not die?” Answer “The Third Ferryman

1. Seasons: Question”What is the message behind the story” Answer “Worrying Is Bad For You Health

2. Oath: Question”Tell me, does the man who left his home go back to his hometown in the end?” Answer “No, he doesn’t.

3. Hitman: Question”Who does the Assassin kill by accident?” Answer “His Lover

4. Butterfly: Question”…” Answer “Retribution

5. Tombstone: Question”What kind of flower is next to the tombstone?” Answer “Paradise Singer

6. Weeping: Question”Where do the weeping plants grow?” Answer “In dark, humid swamps

7. Charisma: Question”What is the woman’s motives” Answer “Love

8. Bird: Question”What were the two species of birds?” Answer “Berghaans, Phoenix

9. Tangle: Question”What did you learn?” Answer “Things that cause us pain may also help us

10. Half Wit: Question”What Did you learn about people?” Answer “You can’t make everyone happy all the time

1. Seek: Question”What dose the main character wield?” Answer “sword

2. Love: Question”What does the story tell us about?” Answer “An old man and his former lover

3. Discussion: Question”Can love be found or not?” Answer “Love cannot be found, because it depends on luck

4. Time: Question”What does “Time” mean?” Answer “The past can guide the future

5. People: Question”About humans” Answer “We will destroy ourselves

6. Soul Lost: Question”Who is the main character” Answer “A concubine

7. The Past: Question”…” Answer “A Mummy

8. Fish: Question”How does the fish die?” Answer “The fish was killed by guards at the city gates

9. Weapon: Question”…” Answer “Expectations are not always reality

10. Blank Paper: Question”…” Answer “To be left blank and untouched

1. Black Cat: Question”What is Black Cat really?” Answer “A supernatural entity

2. Flesh: Question”What type of meat does Charlie’s tavern serve?” Answer “Human meat.

3. Keep Secret: Question”…” Answer “Dead men tell no tales

4. Assassination: Question”What does this tell us” Answer “Arrogant people can be easily defeated by carelessness

5. Devil: Question”What is the name of the leading character” Answer “Wint

6. Breed: Question”What does Mr. Ayr give up  everything for?” Answer “Immortality

7. Bloody Wealth: Question”…” Answer “Naga

8. Happiness: Question”…” Answer “He falls victim to chemical induced-ignorance

9. Emir: Question”What do you learn?” Answer “Disrupting tradition will result in revolution

10. Death: Question”Which of the following passages is part of the text” Answer “I enjoy what I’ve become… I can’t wait to share this gift.“

1. Beginning: Question”What item does the adventurer obtain at the end” Answer “A love letter

2. Teeth: Question”Who ends up being the murderer?” Answer “The main character

3. Cherish: Question”Who is the story about?” Answer “Nicolas

4. Rabbit: Question”…” Answer “Large Wolf

5. Day and Night: Question” What faction does the narrator belong to? ” Answer “Storm Legion

6. Mortal: Question”what does the narrator explain about mortals?” Answer “Hindsight is always 20/20

7. Glory: Question”For what purpose do the soldiers sacrifice themselves” Answer “To protect the nobility

8. A Letter: Question”…” Answer “Pan

9. Revival: Question”What is the Necromancers Name?” Answer “Marquis of Voidcairn

10. Blindness:: Question”Does the narrator join the Brother of Blindness” Answer “Yes he does

1. Thief: Question”…” Answer “Light protective gear and easily-hidden weapons

2. Risk: Question”…” Answer “Mole, Jackal

3. Quest: Question”Does the Hero finish his task” Answer “No, he doesn’t

4. Prophet: Question”Who talks with the prophet,does he realize his death?” Answer “Skylark , he is aware

5. Mummy: Question”why did the mummy die, in the gate of the villlage?” Answer “Killed while protecting the village

6. Treasure: Question”What is the dramatis personae wish?” Answer “To become immortal

7. Flea: Question”What is the flea’s name?” Answer “Achsir

8. Remember Her: Question”…” Answer “He kills Anna and gifts her corpse to John

9. Sin: Question”…” Answer “They joined to avoid being killed

10. Adventure Log: Question “Did The adventurer save the Grave Robber?” Answer “No, he didn’t

1. Mask: Question”What do they use to open the chest” Answer “The blood of their companions

2. Quotes: Question”which of these concepts are quotes about” Answer “Earthly treasures are easier to come by than those of the heart

3. Last One: Question”…” Answer “The Bard

4. Key Weapon: Question”…” Answer “The human mind

5. Treasure Map: Question”…” Answer “You can’t rely on a treasure map

6. Prisoner: Question”…” Answer “Yes

7. Last Opportunity: Question”what kind of necklace did Karrey own?” Answer “A necklace that transforms him into a roach

8. Belief: Question”What do the people of the alternate dimension  worship” Answer “A Stone Statue

9. History: Question”Did the story of the king go unchanged through the ages?” Answer “Yes

10. Unable: Question”In Whisper 10:  Impossible, what is the God of Creation unable to do?” Answer “Get humans to stop fighting each other